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Creamed Floral & Ginger Honey


Jamaican honey is widely considered to be the best in the world because of its mineral rich soil, abundant floral, and nutrient rich plants that flourish there, many of which are exclusive to the island, resulting in honey that’s high in antioxidants and flavor. Since 2010, Ivyees “Everything Honey” has been committed to helping people harness the anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory powers of Jamaican honey while ensuring the sustainability of bees. Our 100% organic, raw Jamaican honey contains a host of health benefits and is complemented by other antioxidant-rich, flavor forward ingredients from the island, making it the ideal healing remedy for a number of ailments, providing benefits for overall well-being, offering distinctive flavors for a wide range of beverages and dishes, and is a healthier sugar substitute. Our commitment and effectiveness has led to numerous accolades in local, regional and national press and is carried by retail stores throughout the Northeast, including Whole Foods. We are dedicated to ensuring its retail success by educating our customers through ample samplings and demonstrations.


Poly-Floral pollination with organic ginger

Weight 0.6 lbs

1 review for Creamed Floral & Ginger Honey

  1. Samantha Blanc

    Very delicious honey adds a perfect light ginger note any teas we have it with. Good enough to eat alone or drizzle onto other foods. It was a hot with everyone in the family even those who don’t usually like honey so we will definitely purchase again.

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