Logwood Honey


The Logwood honey is our company’s signature honey. Logwood honey is exclusive to Jamaica, Belize, Grenada and Brazil. The pollination produces honey that is outstanding, uncommon, distinctive and delicious. British brought the Logwood tree to Jamaica, where its sap was used for dying textile and hair. Flowers from the logwood are plentiful and sweet. The Logwood is even thought to have medicinal properties. Tea made from the tree contains triple anti-oxidants and is currently being tested as a possible cure for certain types of cancer.


Mono-floral pollinations

How to Use

Use in favorite beverages, hot and cold tea, on yogurt or straight from the jar. Great in savory cooking in glazes and sauces.

Benefits / Highlights

Tropical pollination from logwood blooms. The logwood tree was brought to Jamaica where the sap was used for dying textile and hair. The raw honey has a distinctive amber color and delicious flavor.


What makes honey raw? Answer: There is no heating, straining, or filtration. Honey is collected from the hives and packaged in its purest form.

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