Creamed Floral Ginger + Creamed Floral Ginger


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The finest floral pollination – mango, papaya, coconut, tropical berries, sweet- sop and sour-sop and wild flowers. Honey pollination contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties – it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects are great for allergies and help to build he immune system. Organic Ginger – a delicious herbal powerhouse. Great for digestive problems such as nausea due to pregnancy and chemotherapy. The unique combination of organic ginger and Jamaican floral honey is blended using a proprietary technique to achieve its signature texture and creaminess. One taste has even changed the minds of honey skeptics.


Poly-Floral pollination with organic ginger

How to Use

Use in favorite beverages, hot and cold tea, on yogurt or straight from the jar. Great in savory cooking in glazes and sauces.

Benefits / Highlights

Tropical pollination from mango, papaya, nesberry, sweet and sour produces this floral honey that is creamed with USDA certified organic ginger without any dairy.


Does crystallization in jar mean it’s bad? Answer: No. Crystallization in raw honey is associated with the enzymes that bees put in boney. It actually preserves it longer. Safe to consume.

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