Before Ivy started Ivyees, she was driving through a tunnel stuck in traffic. Cars were stopped all around her, bumper to bumper. Soon workers in hazmat suits walked by passing out surgical masks to passengers in cars. Ivy asked what was happening and it turned out that a truck transporting barrels of a chemical powder used in toothpaste had crashed and spread in the area. Wearing a surgical mask to protect against the dangerous toothpaste ingredient made Ivy search for a safe and healthy toothpaste alternative, thus, leading to the creation of Ivyees’ Natural Honey & Miswak Toothpaste.

After that incident in the tunnel, Ivy returned to Jamaica, home of her bee hives. During her visit she met an 82-year-old woman. She still had his real teeth and they were white and healthy. She asked for her secret and the elderly lady said she used a thing called chew sticks all her life. That chew stick turned out to be Miswak, sometimes spelled Meswak, a teeth cleaning twig made naturally from the Salvadora tree. It has many antibiotic properties. It has been found to whiten teeth, fights germs & bacteria, strengthen the enamel, and reduce plaque, gingivitis and growth of cariogenic bacteria. Like a chew stick for dogs, this twig acts as a natural toothbrush to give you a healthy clean smile.