Unlike our bees, who are enjoying the warm Caribbean air, us north easterners are preparing to enter another cold winter. Its time for us to start digging out some winter clothes and wrap myself in a comfy, warm blanket.

Seasonal depression is real. All I want to do on cold days is to stay in bed and watch tv all day. What really gets me feeling warm from head to toe is curling up on the couch with a nice warm throw blanket and a nice hot cup of tea. My personal favorite is herbal tea. Sometimes I take it plain but most times I add a dollop of honey to give it a sweet kick. Honey and tea is a sweet combination to fight a small cold, soothe a sore throat, or simply to destress and comfort you on a cold day. Drinking hot tea with honey can help reduce congestion and can even help reduce the pain created by cramps during a menstrual cycle (Livestrong). Its helps increase blood flow throughout your body and the hot mug can act as a heat pad if you rest it against your abdomen.

Adding honey to tea can be beneficial to your health. When using Ivyees’s natural, raw honey or any natural honey, not only are you getting great antioxidants from the tea, but from the honey as well. Honey is a sweet source of carbohydrates and can sweeten your drink without adding any preservatives to the drink. So not only will you get the added health benefits, but you’ve got yourself a natural sweetener as well!

When company owner, Ivy Lawson, makes trips back to Jamaica to check in on her bees, she also grabs herself boxes of 100% organic Sorrel and Ginger tea produced in Jamaica. Sorrel is a popular product that is classified as a hibiscus plant and is rich in antioxidants (HomeRemedyNation). It has also been known to reduce hypertension and stabilize blood pressure levels (HomeRemedyNation). When combined with organic ginger, the flavors blend together to create a delicious, nutritional and medicinal drink that can be served hot or cold.

Now tea tends to stain your teeth so you want to make sure you have a good toothpaste, so also be sure to check out Ivyees Miswak and Honey Toothpaste when checking out her honey!

Tea Time