Everything that is produced by Ivyees is derived from honey. Why? Because honey has many health benefits. It has healing properties, can soothe coughs and sore throats, and has antibacterial properties. Not to mention, honey is also sweet and is a good substitute for sugar in coffee and tea.

Ivyees sells raw honey, meaning the honey has not been heated or filtered. It contains small amounts of pollen grains that would normally be removed during the filtration and heating process. Our raw honey is cultivated on a bee farm in Jamaica. We offer three to four distinctive flavor varieties of all-natural organic raw honey.

This season we have harvested the Creamed Floral & Organic Ginger, Hibiscus & Sorrel, and Logwood. Our busy bees are responsible for the sweet infusion through a process called bipollination. Our Creamed Floral & Ginger Infused honey contains the finest floral pollination of mango, papaya, coconut, sugarcane, and wild flowers. The Jamaican ginger is an added herbal powerhouse that can help with digestive problems. The Hibiscus & Sorrel honey is a light, refreshing and nutrient rich honey. This warm reddish colored honey is great with any of your favorite beverages. The hibiscus is great for regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Lastly, the Logwood honey is Ivyees’s signature honey. The pollination comes from a tree native to Jamaica. The tree’s sap is used for dying textile and hair but the flowers products a sweet, distinctive and delicious taste that can be combined with teas for added triple anti-oxidants.

Our bees work hard to produce the finest honey for us. So be sure to thank them by Saving the Bees and buying a jar of their work!