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Logwood Honey


Jamaican honey is widely considered to be the best in the world because of its mineral rich soil, abundant floral, and nutrient rich plants that flourish there, many of which are e

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Hibiscus Sorrel Bundle


The hibiscus plants blossoms in abundance on the Island. Over the past several years, scientific interest in hibiscus has grown due the fact that studies have shown that regular us

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Floral Infused Ginger Hone


Jamaican honey is widely considered to be the best in the world because of its mineral rich soil, abundant floral, and nutrient rich plants that flourish there, many of which are e

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Complete Line Up


Try all 5 Honey Shine Moisturizing Shampoo Revival Hydrating Washout Conditioner Emancipate Detangling Leave-In Conditioner (use after wash) Sweet Song Stimulating Leave-In Conditi

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Miswak and Honey Toothpaste


The main ingredient is Miswak, a teeth cleaning twig made from the Salvadora tree. The bark contains an antibiotic which suppresses the growth of bacteria and the formulation of pl

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Skin Renew Creme


Ivyees Manuka Honey Skin Renew is an advanced skin repair creme containing matrix-derived peptides, which provides intense skin hydration and helps reconstruct the skin by stimulat

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I had been dealing with very bad acne for 2 years and I've tried everything for my skin. I've gone to multiple dermatologists, used over 14 different skincare brands, and have had all types of facials. After 3 weeks of using the Clear-Skin Cleansing Gel my face has fully cleared up. If I could right now I would hug the creator and just thank them because I'm on the road to loving myself again! Thank you Ivyees!!
Ani A Customer
I've been using these face and hair products for about six months. I love the shampoo (only need a little and it's runny due to no chemicals) and recently purchased the detangling leave-in conditioner. Life changer......I have fine hair and use a pea-size of this and then blow dry/curl my hair. Nothing else needed to hold the curl and my hair looks super healthy and thicker. Holds the curl all day and no more hair spray needed! Don't use too much as your hair will look greasy. Will never use any other products. Thank you......and I buy everything at the small North End, Boston store! LOVE IT!!!
Kim Lally Customer
I bought the toothpaste at a NSBE conference and me and my family have been hooked ever since. It’s the best toothpaste I’ve ever tried , it cleans and whitens. I will never buy another toothpaste again.
Imani Manley Customer
OMG I absolutely love this toothpaste. I was using Dr. Bronner's cinnamon toothpaste and it's good but not compared to this brand! I was introduced to this brand at the We Buy Black convention in Atlanta last month and I am SOLD!!! I tried this toothpaste and the Manuka honey face wash...both are superb and I can tell a difference after the first time I used it. Thank-you for such a great product. I'm not using any other toothpaste but this one for now on!
Christen Funderburk Customer
Ive been looking for the perfect all natural toothpaste for years. So when I came across ivyees and tried it, I was truly amazed. I brush and floss regularly but still had issues with plaque build up and could smell decay on my floss. After less than a week of using Ivyees the plaque disappeared along with the odor. No bull. Simply amazing!
S. Kevin Smith Customer
I love Ivyee's honey. And I love the products she makes from it. Just as much I love knowing that when I buy Ivyee's products I am supporting a 21st century entrepreneur who cares about sustainability and has chosen to make her mark by creating products that are good for people and also just plain old good.
Andrew Tarsy Customer
It’s works! 64 year old woman here with olive skin. Applied this at night before bed, towel dried and followed up with Ivyees Skin Renew Firming Creme as recommended in her video. At first i didn’t know if there was a difference, but once a week i view my skin in a 3X handheld mirror and within the end of week 1 application, skin looked much better. The amount in the containers goes a long way. Don’t hesitate. I have been looking at her products for awhile now and glad I purchased. Thank you!
Jean Sagerian
We Did Our Homework

We Did Our Homework

More than 50 thousand hours of research and development. "It's good" did not pass the test. Our 200 test volunteer had to give it a resounding "It's great" Because every ingredient must work to give you the expected results.

Why Manuka Honey

Why Manuka Honey?

We use authentic Manuka honey from New Zealand in our face care line, because we have tangible evidence through research the it the best honey for skin care. Excellent Moisturization, Skin Elasticity, Promotes Collagen Synthesis, Stimulates Cellular ATP Production, Naturally Derived.

Why Honey and Miswak

Why Honey and Miswak?

Miswak is a tooth cleaning twig prepared from the Salvadora tree. The antibiotic properties of the bark mixed with raw honey and a host of other natural ingredients fight bacteria and plaque for healthy teeth and gums. It also whitens naturally!

Natural and Organic

Natural and Organic

We use only the authentic and high quality honey, oils, butters, and other natural ingredients. Plus, our products are formulated without silicones, sulfates, mineral oil, parabens, or parafins and are never tested on animals.

We Own Our Bees

We Own Our Bees

We get our amazing honey direct from the source-our beehives in Jamaica. We work with bee keepers throughout the Caribbean and Greece and other parts of the world. Our bees are not over worked industrial bees. They are wild and free! And only pesticide free remedies are used to keep them healthy.

Protect Nature

Protecting Nature

The Rosewood oil we use in our hair products comes from the sap of the Rosewood tree, a tree that was on the verge of extinction. We donate $2000 each time we purchase the oil which plants 150 Rosewood trees. We are on our way to becoming a 100% sustainable business, and we'll have B-Corp cert to prove it!